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National symbols

The national symbols of the Republic of Chernarus were taken into usage on December of 1991 following its declaration of independence and is enshrined into national law.

National Flag

The national flag of Chernarus consists of green cloth with four gold stars in the top left corner, complete with white sun rays arising from the left side and outward. The green symbolizes the wide green landscapes of our homeland, the 4 stars symbolizing the four regions of Chernarus, and the sun rays as a symbol of the sun of freedom and independence for our country.

National Emblem

The national emblem consists of wreathes of wheat, green leaves and flowers held together by a yellow/green banner, encircling a globe with emitting sun rays, and the land of Chernarus outlined within the rays. The banner reads “Republic of Chernarus” at the front in Russian, and is completed with four green stars situated at the top of the wreath.