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Joint Statement: Takistan must resolve security crisis or face preemptive intervention

In a joint statement released by the Government of the Republic of Chernarus, a warning was issued to the leadership of the Republic of Takistan, asserting that if the crisis in the country in terms of terrorism, crime and attacks at the border vicinity remains unresolved, the Chernarus government will see no other option than launching a preemptive intervention to restore peace and security.

Speaking on behalf of the Government, Defence Minister Otakar Sedláček stated that Chernarus “has been too patient for too long, and at some point, the abhorrent situation in one country will inevitably influence its neighbours.” He added that “Chernarus has seen its fair share of calamities and civil wars, and would feel obligated to prevent the chaos from escalating further in neighbouring Takistan by ensuring safety and security.”