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Kliment Kuznetsov

Chairman of the State Council

Kuznetsov was born on the 9th of May 1957 to a working-class family in Vybor of South Zagoria Oblast in the Chernarusian SSR. He grew up taking part in the daily tasks of the family farm and quickly developed an understanding of cooperative & communal service. Kuznetsov never received an elementary education but was granted a scholarship at the Novigrad Institute for Political Studies, where he received a bachelor’s degree in political science and a masters degree in public diplomacy.

In 1985, Kuznetsov was elected a member of the Supreme Soviet of the Chernarus SSR, and a year later appointed vice deputy to the chairmanship. He served the Soviet Union diplomatically until its dissolution in 1991, in which he retired from politics due to disagreements with the trajectory that Chernarus was heading towards, and in overall opposition to the fall of the USSR.

In the early ’90s, Kuznetsov joined the Working Man’s Defence Alliance as a commander of the South Zagorian front. Kuznetsov, having no prior military experience, quickly gained respect and admiration from fellow comrades for his strategic visions related to the war against the independent Chernarus Government. Kuznetsov retired from politics and went into hiding with the dissolution of the WMDA and the establishment of the Chernarus Movement of the Red Star, citing extremism within the newly-established movement.

Kuznetsov reentered politics in 2018 following the national dialogue agreement and the end of the 2nd Chernarus Civil War, serving as a member of parliament for the newly-formed ChDkz politburo.

On November 11th 2021, Kuznetsov was appointed Chairman of the Chernarus State Council by majority vote following the resignation of Radovan Dostál. As a self-declared socialist believing in the centralization of the state, Kuznetsov is seen as a strong man elected to tackle the growing instability on the Cherno-Takistani border.