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FM Vorobev: “Chernarus to consider intervention in Takistan if situation not stabilized”

During a press briefing with the national radio and telecommunication agencies of the Republic of Chernarus, Foreign Minister Lev Vorobev stated that the Government of the Republic of Chernarus will consider military intervention into Takistan if the situation is not stabilized.

FM Vorobev clarified that insurgency attacks in neighbouring Takistan has seen a steady increase over the years, only exacerbated by the Takistani government’s inability to contain the Covid-19 pandemic and to relieve its citizens of the calamities present in the country.

FM Vorobev also stated that the Republic of Chernarus has done everything possible to relieve the Takistani people of its suffering by means of humanitarian aid and other initiatives, but that little result has borne fruit.

Asked if these latest statements will have any negative impact on the process of restarting bilateral negotiations with Takistan, FM Vorobev noted that “the possibility of intervention will take place at the benefit of the Takistani people, with whom we share concerns for the future of the region”.