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The Ultimate VHS Effect Guide

What makes for a good montage? Well, the first thing would be the level of editing depth & experience. Most people love to watch a well-edited piece, no matter the context or content. It has to grasp your attention and make you stay throughout the video. It has to evoke feelings and emotions, whether positive or negative. One type of medium that evokes a certain feeling of nostalgia is the VHS tape. Most people born before the start of the century have grown up with VHS tapes, VHS camcorders and VHS players. It plays an important part in many people’s childhoods, and those who didn’t grow up with VHS as a cornerstone of childhood see VHS as something captivating, unique and other-worldly. Watching digitalized VHS footage of any historic period feels genuine rather than watching a remastered high-definition version of the same footage. VHS is unique.

In this guide, the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Chernarus will teach you how to achieve the exact same look of much of the archived footage that we have published since we launched our web portals in October of 2021. You are encouraged to follow this guide to achieve your look and to reference the guide in case errors happen.