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1st CDF Strike Brigade

Formed after the 2008 Chernarussian War, the 1st CDF Strike Brigade is a INDEPENDENT Tactical unit, devised to bring a diverse and unique unit to Arma 3. A primarily English speaking unit, the 1st CDF utilizes training and methods from real military units while portraying a poor ex Soviet nation with a very limited budget for weapons and equipment. With a mix of it’s own unique training style to form a mobile defense force that can conduct many operations both internally and overseas as a peacekeeping force. Recruits of the 1st CDF will be trained to conduct most aspects of warfare: Mechanized Operations, Counter-Terrorism, Reconnaissance and Peacekeeping. The unit will however keep it’s backbone as an infantry unit whose primary role will be to engage the enemy using a mix of dated Soviet and Western weapons, skills, training and discipline.