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Chernarus Defence Forces

The CDF are the primary land, sea, and air defence force of Chernarus. Beginning in the late 2000s, the CDF’s focus has been counterinsurgency warfare against the so-called “Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star” (ChDKZ), a pro-Russian separatist group in the northern, mountainous region of the South Zagoria province.

The CDF is commanded by General Begunov, who serves as the acting commander of entire defence force. Other notable members include Lieutenant Tomas Marny, an intelligence officer who has extensive ties with many local guerilla groups, as well as Major R.A. Stavovich.


Chernarus (then-known as the CSSR. or Chernarussian Soviet Socialist Republic) was formerly a territory of the Soviet Union during the Cold War. After the dissolution of the USSR, Chernarus and its armed forces would become an independent entity that gradually shifted away from Russian influence, and turned westward towards NATO.

Though the country was no longer under Soviet/Russian influence, tensions within the country were on the rise as well. A growing number of pro-Russian citizens, dissatisfied with the government’s turn westward, sought to reintegrate the country with the Russian Federation.

Under this premise, Gregori Lopotev forms the so-called “Working Man’s Defence Alliance”. Two years later, a violent protest is arranged by the “alliance” over working and pay conditions, leading to several deaths and arrests by security forces.

Though the WMDA was dissolved soon after, a new organisation would rise from its ashes. Now called the “Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star” (shortened to ChDKZ), Lopotev’s group grew in both power and size, gaining enough strength to directly challenge the CDF for control of the country.

A full-scale civil war soon breaks out, but it becomes clear that the CDF was ill-prepared for the prolonged fighting. Relying on outdated Soviet-era equipment, its forces suffered from inadequate training and were simply overwhelmed by the sheer intensity and scale of the ChDKZ’s attacks. Within a matter of weeks, the ChDKZ successfully seized the entirety of the South Zagoria province.

Eventually, even the standing prime minister of Chernarus, Alexander Baranov, is executed by Lopotev after Chedaki milita stormed the regional capital of Chernogorsk; all in retaliation for failed negotiations with the Russian government over the re-integration of Chernarus into Russia.


The standard Military uniform of the Chernarus Defence Forces.

Credit: User Gir1010 on DeviantArt

Units of the Chernarus Defence Forces