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The Website of the Government of the Republic of Chernarus was established per decree dated October 17th 2021, in an effort to convey the message about our country to the global public. Chernarus has suffered one calamity after the other since our declaration of independence on December 8th 1991. Two civil wars, foreign interventions and a deadly virus outbreak has forced our country into total isolation from the global world community.

Administered by the Ministry of Information, the site will publish all news relevant to Chernarus, both diplomatic, foreign and domestic. Government news, bulletins and documents will be released and disclosed publicly on this site. As we regain and restart our presence internationally, we will be updating the site with relevant information thereto.

(DISCLAIMER: This project is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Bohemia interactive, but is established as a solemn homage to the ever-expanding canon & lore surrounding the first terrain of the second instalment in the ArmA series.)