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63% of Chernarussians favour Military Action to solve South Zagorian Question

March 12th, 2022 – The 2022 Chernarus Republican Referendum has ended and votes have been counted. According to the State Electoral Commission of the Republic of Chernarus, a total of 63% of Chernarussian citizens favoured Military Action to solve the South Zagorian dispute, rather than the implementation of a federal system.

The People’s Assembly will be voting on whether the measure is to be enacted, and the President will then sign it into law. A session is expected to commence in the next couple of days.

Adrik Vinogradov, the Minister of Information of the Republic of Chernarus, rejoiced at the conclusion of the national referendum. “Referendums are the essence of People’s Democracy. It gives the people the direct opportunity to have a say in state affairs. The people have unanimously spoken today, and our government would be committing a grave disservice to the people if we do not act on it.”